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Shelby County Government, Indiana
When is a death a coroner's case? 01/09/2019
What are the duties of your county coroner? 01/09/2019
What Information Must be Released to the Public Upon Request? 01/09/2019
Can I come see my deceased family member? 01/09/2019
What about Funeral Arrangements? 01/09/2019
Can I request an autopsy? 01/09/2019
Is an Autopsy always performed? 01/09/2019
Why is the Coroner's Office called? 01/09/2019
How can I locate my loved one? 01/09/2019
Do we have to use the funeral home at the scene? 01/09/2019
Who do I call if I have discovered bones? 01/09/2019
Who has my loved ones property? 01/09/2019
Why does the Coroner take the medications? 01/09/2019
Why does the Coroner take the deceased's driver's license? 01/09/2019
Can I donate my organs or my loved ones organs when they pass? 01/09/2019
Can I attend an autopsy for education? 01/09/2019

Shelby County Government, Indiana
Where can I obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate? 08/08/2012
How can I get a copy of my deed? 08/08/2012
How do I change the names on my deed? 08/08/2012
What information can you give me about an abandoned property? 08/08/2012
Where can I find if a property has any liens against it? 08/08/2012
What are your hours? 08/08/2012
Where are you located? 08/08/2012
How do I record a deed? 08/14/2012
Where can I obtain marriage or divorce information? 08/14/2012